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You’ve found my blog ! This site is a small side project of mine. I take a lot of notes throughout the course of my work in IT. I’ve forgotten more than I’ll ever learn and I try to remedy that by taking detailed notes and writing them out into reproduceable guides and documentation. The more polished of those notes will be published here in the hopes that they might assist another systems administrator or IT professional headed down the same path or in search of the same answers.

The occasional non-technical post may find it’s way here as well, since I love all things organization, and recently dipped my toes into the Fediverse (or “federated social universe”), which is comprised of a lot of tech concepts I find interesting, but aren’t directly related to IT.

🌊 Dive right in, the blog posts are warm!

You can browse the blog by visiting the Table of Contents. You can return to this page at any time by clicking the site title at the top of the page.

🙋‍♂️ About the Author

Hi, my name is Griff 👋 and I am an IT Systems Administrator, husband, and lover of technology, bard/card/dice/video games, analog photography, racquetball, and all things organization and automation.

About this Site

This blog is hosted via GitHub Pages, using the Hugo SSG (static-site generator); this is packaged nicely by Jacky Zhao’s Quartz. The site content is written in Markdownand managed in Obsidian, which is my preferred knowledge management/notetaking application.

Being able to write in Markdown makes things much simpler for me, and since I already write Markdown in Obsidian and had a GitHub account with a couple of other repositories that I push notes to, it just seemed natural to bring those things together for this blog. I was very lucky to stumble onto the Quartz project which made it pretty simple to get going.

Obsidian offers community plugins, one of which is “Obsidian Git” which enables me to commit and push articles to the blog as I please. This setup works really nicely!

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